A Certificate in Sugarcraft from an Acclaimed Academy

Our Academy’s Certificate in Sugarcraft course is designed for culinary students who want to extend their pastry decorating knowledge, fancy this as a hobby, or for those who see a career for themselves in this art. An advanced course after obtaining the initial Certificate in Sugarcraft is well suited to those who seek to specialise further. Sugarcraft is not just the application of icing on cakes; it is actually an art form, sometimes likened to sugar sculpture, because three dimensional items are created.

Functions such as weddings and birthday parties are big business, as is event planning. If one wishes to make a career of sugarcraft, it would be of benefit to expand one’s network to include these folk and caterers. Discerning clients will be prepared to pay for unique decorative concepts, since they don’t want the standard sugar sculptures that are on sale at cake decorating shops and outlets. The commonly used icing dough is malleable and known as rolled fondant.

Sheets of fondant may be used to cover cakes or cut into shapes with which other forms are built. Different colours are produced by adding an edible colour paste; normal liquid food colouring can ruin the consistency and render it unworkable.

It is said that we first eat with our eyes before actually beginning to ingest anything, but some of these sculpted decorations are so beautiful and creative, that one almost hesitates to take that first bite and spoil the effect. There are many different sugar sculpting techniques, some of which require hours and hours of practice to master, because they are so complex and the crafter is working with very hot but rapidly cooling substances. Patience, perseverance and a steady hand are always helpful.

The Prue Leith way

For a career in this industry a certificate from our renowned school will help pave the way. Our course fee is very affordable and includes an equipment pack, course notes, a branded apron and some ingredients, but of course students are free to bring additional design elements if they wish.

Enthusiasts and the general public are required to wear non-slip shoes and their apron to protect clothing. In order to maintain hygiene standards, no make-up or jewellery may be worn, finger nails must be short and hair has to be tied up. Students enrolled in our academy are required comply with rules and wear their full chef’s uniform, have their hair tied up, short nails and no make-up or jewellery.

No matter whether those taking the Certificate in Sugarcraft are aspiring professional pastry chefs or a group of friends, keen to learn something useful and new, this and all our other qualifications are highly regarded throughout the country.