A Sought After Diploma in Patisserie in South Africa

A sweet tooth or a love of pastries, breads and desserts, coupled with creative flair is a good reason to pursue one’s interest in qualifying as a pastry chef with a Diploma in Patisserie. Without the relevant education and qualification, the best one could hope for is becoming a baker, noble as this may be.

In large kitchens, producing an extensive range of pastries, the pastry chef with his/her Diploma in Patisserie may have a pastry staff or brigade to assist, and he/she would be the authority in charge of them, although the principal chef has authority over everyone and everything.

Our full-time, 6 month diploma course is based on classic French principals with modern techniques. The course is intensive in both its theoretical and practical aspects and as with all studies, begins by teaching the basics and takes students right through to advanced levels and techniques.

Its aim is to qualify and equip learners with the confidence and skills to exercise their talents successfully on completion, enabling them to find employment in their field immediately after their studies. They won’t only have the theoretical know-how, but they’ll be able to execute it practically, since the practical aspect will have been performed extensively in our top restaurant kitchen.

For their own ultimate benefit and maintaining our existing reputation for turning out sought after chefs, we expect our students to commit to our high standards and techniques, with discipline and close attention to hygiene in all respects of food preparation and handling.

Ensuring that aspirant pastry chefs receive the best possible training, our lecturers are all highly experienced specialists in their respective fields, about which they are passionate and committed. As with all passionate people, they relish passing on their knowledge to others who are keen to know more and embark on a career.

Our Academy’s chefs have found themselves working all over the world, including in the famed kitchens of Jamie Oliver, the Roux’s and Gordon Ramsay. Because our training is world class and our students have the passion and perseverance to reach the top, they can achieve almost anything in their field.

Courses are constantly monitored and evaluated so that adjustments and improvement are implemented if necessary. This also enables us and learners to keep up to date with the latest trends, and we’ve been doing this since 1997.

In order to qualify, students must pass both our own and the City & Guilds IVQ Diploma in Patisserie exams. This enables them to find employment locally, since our newly qualified candidates are in high demand throughout South Africa. The City & Guilds qualification is internationally recognised, meaning that kitchen doors anywhere in the world will be open to them.