Chef Recruitment

Quick, Reliable Chef Recruitment

If you are scouring advertisements focused on the recruitment of chefs, you’re undoubtedly an employer in the hospitality industry with a vacancy which you need to fill, or you are a chef seeking a new career opportunity. Either way, you may be facing a very long, time consuming procedure.

Employers’ Dilemmas

As a prospective employer, it is great to know that your ad will most probably attract loads of responses from candidates. You can pick and choose to your heart’s delight, but there’s a downside too. Do your really have time to take hundreds of phone calls, during which you have to identify those candidates who appear to be most suitable?

However, nowadays everyone is online, so you have probably written an online ad specifically designed to screen out applications from those who would patently be unsuitable, mainly to cut down on the numbers of CVs through which you’ll have to read. Nevertheless, prepare yourself for an exceptionally busy period and hope that the best or ideal candidate doesn’t slip through the cracks.

Again, this begs the question: do you have this much time to spare? Also keep in mind that you’ll still have to compile a short list, conduct interviews accordingly and then check candidates’ qualifications and references before making an actual appointment and getting this essential position in your kitchen filled to the satisfaction of your diners and yourself.

The Applicant’s Point of View

The numbers game mentioned above, applies as much to chefs’ applying for jobs as it does to recruiting employers. As an applicant, there’s one thing of which you may be sure – your CV is only one of many. Yours may just be that very one which accidentally slips through the cracks; to your disappointment, you don’t receive a response or call back.

It becomes imperative that your application gives you a good chance of being noticed, requiring something additional to being composed well in order to make it stand out from the rest. You require a critical factor which will accomplish this on your behalf, irrespective of your faith in your qualifications, abilities and experience in a professional kitchen.

The Bona Fide, Professional Solution

Our fine school of culinary arts is highly regarded through the hospitality industry and by our peers within South Africa and internationally, particularly since our patron, Prue Leith CBE, is an internationally recognised household name in all matters culinary in virtually all countries where English is spoken.

This proud reputation extends to our students and graduates, who emerge from our institute with all the academic and practical training, knowledge, skills and confidence required to assume duties within a professional kitchen immediately following City & Guilds accredited graduation.

As the only chefs’ school in this country which features a true fine dining restaurant on site, where discerning diners enjoy gourmet cuisine of the highest order – meticulously prepared and served by students as part of their sought after, practical culinary foundation.

Feeding the Industry Too

In order to feed our industry and channel outstanding new chefs into it, continuously improving industry standards and encouraging innovation, our website features a recruitment section for the benefit of both employers and applicants – all at no charge.

Kindly note that the job vacancy section is only available to Prue Leith graduates. For additional convenience, employers can also check qualifications of our graduates, all at the click of button, easily, simply and reliably – the obvious choice for chef recruitment.