Chefs Classes

Prestigious Professional Chefs Training

We’re extremely gratified that our South African chefs’ school enjoys the proud reputation which it does amongst the restaurant and hospitality fraternity throughout the country. In fact, several of our graduates have gone on to work abroad, namely in the kitchens of esteemed chefs such as Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay and the world famous Roux brothers.

Superior Standards, Small Classes

Top standards of education, comprehensive, carefully designed and exclusive curricula, dedicated skilled and experienced lecturers and small classes (typically a ratio of less than 20 students per lecturer) all play their part in ensuring that graduates from our academy are ready to assume their duties in professional kitchens, wherever they may be located.

A combination of excellence, innovation and creativity, plus a love of and passion for fine dining and the essence of world-class culinary arts represent some of the school’s fundamental values, right from its inception in1997, up to this day.

Constant Innovation

Nevertheless, we don’t rest on our laurels. In the culinary world, nothing is static; creative change and new influences are constant. In order to guarantee that our learners are au fait with new trends and emerging styles, it’s incumbent upon our management that we equip them with contemporary skills, built upon sound, essential classical French tradition – the basis of true culinary art, worldwide.

Improvements are made as and where necessary whilst our esteemed patron, Prue Leith CBE, is consulted on major decisions and changes, as always. Her wealth of knowledge, experience and the latest, cutting-edge trends is invaluable to our institute, which proudly bears her name and the students who graduate here.

Business Principles

Like all other successful business operations, restaurants and their kitchens must be managed and run on sound, healthy financial principles, something of which Prue, a Michelin starred chef in her own right, is only too aware.

Therefore, a specially designed finance module is included in our curriculum, preparing chefs who attend our classes for the realities of the real world which they’re about to enter. After all, he or she is responsible for everyone and everything within the kitchen.

The Prue Leith Chefs Academy is the only one in the country at which a chartered accountant presents this invaluable and comprehensive finance/business module. Many a past graduate has implemented his/her student business plan when establishing an own, successful business.

Escoffier’s Brigade de Cuisine

Auguste Escoffier, a culinary pioneer of classical French tradition and techniques, is credited with documenting the Brigade de Cuisine – the team which works in a formal, professional kitchen under the guidance and supervision of the Chef de Cuisine (executive or head chef).

Some of the main duties or stations and the persons who are accordingly responsible for these include:

  • Sous Chef – second highest status, 2 IC in the kitchen
  • Chef de Partie – person in charge of a particular work station
  • Commis Chef – works with/under the former person, assisting him/her and learning all the duties attached to the station
  • Depending on the size of the kitchen and complexity of its brigade, some of the station chefs’ titles may include fish, sauté, grill, patisserie, vegetable and pantry

Prue Leith Chef Academy’s variety of courses and classes are expressly designed to educate and train chefs of distinction, who are sought after by prospective employers, both within South Africa and internationally – the best basis for a professional career in the wonderful world of food.