Chef’s Diploma

Wherever you go in the world the name of Prue Leith is revered in the catering industry, and a Prue Leith’s Chef’s Diploma is an extremely valuable qualification, so much so that there are many catering establishments that, when advertising for catering staff, include in their advert “only holders of a Prue Leith’s Chef’s Diploma need apply”. That indeed is a wonderful way of recognizing the excellent work that is done at the Prue Leith Catering Academy. Courses at the academy last for eighteen months and commence in both January and July each year. Students at the academy don’t just train in the college training kitchens, the also spend a lot of time gaining practical experience in Prue Leith’s, a restaurant that is attached to the school. At some time during their course students will find themselves doing front of house greetings, Maitre d’Hotel, serving at table and taking orders, wine waiter and preparing and cooking orders.

That is not all of the practical training that students get during their eighteen-month program. They also spend time at some of the top restaurants, game lodges and hotels of both South Africa and overseas. Many of the latter go on to hire the students who have been seconded to them when they are awarded their Chef’s Diploma on the completion of their course. The Prue Leith Catering Academy is located conveniently between Johannesburg and Pretoria. It is in the rambling grounds of the old Lyttleton Manor House in Centurion. Students graduating with a Prue Leith Chef’s Diploma usually have a long and fruitful career ahead of them.