Catering Academy

Students at the Prue Leith Catering Academy undertake an 18-month catering diploma course that is second to none. From the moment they first arrive at this college students embark on an extremely comprehensive catering course that covers every aspect of the catering field. By the time they have completed their course students have enough knowledge to be able to start their own restaurant. The catering academy curriculum includes both theory and practical work, much of the latter being carried out in the Prue Leith Restaurant, which is located on the premises. Prue Leith is an internationally renowned caterer, and a diploma from this college is a ticket to catering jobs the world over. Once in possession of this coveted diploma students know every facet of the restaurant and catering business.

The practical work carried out by students at this catering academy takes place both in the kitchen and in the restaurant, where, at some time during their course, they get experience in every position. The plan menus, prepare and cook food, serve at table, work at front of house, wine waiter and Maitre d’Hotel, and even manage stock and learn about the bookkeeping side of the business. Before finishing their course at this catering academy the also spend two months at a time at top hotels, lodges and restaurants both throughout South Africa and overseas. The diploma course is based on the classical French method, but includes guest lecturers who cover subjects like sushi, bush cooking, and Thai and Japanese cooking. The Prue Leith Diploma is one of the best qualifications a catering graduate can have, and guarantees a successful future career.