Comprehensive Chef’s Training

In the highly competitive food industry of today a chef’s training can make all the difference between a career on the move or one going nowhere slowly. A Chef’s training has to be of the highest standard and if the place of training opens doors to famous kitchens such as Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay, one can look forward to a career taking off with a bang.

With internships on offer at top restaurants in Gauteng, Cape Town, Ireland and England (to name but a few) Prue Leith Chef’s Academy is truly one of the best institutes to do one’s chef’s training. Their 18 month diploma course is comprehensive and gives prospective chefs training in the classical French cooking methods. An average of 60% has to be achieved in the practical and theoretical parts of the curriculums. The Diploma can be passed, passed with merit or passed with distinction. On passing the practical but not the theory one receives a “College Certificate in food preparation”. Should one pass the theory but not the practical one receives a “College Certificate in food theory”.

The training given to prospective chefs are constantly reviewed by Prue Leith’s advisory panel to ensure it is on track with international trends. The chef’s training is not limited to a kitchen. Students do active duty in the Leith restaurant, one of the top 100 restaurants in South Africa. As part of their chef’s training, students do active duty in preparing, cooking and serving food. They also have to take orders, serve wine and grasp the financial aspects of running a restaurant.

Prue Leith Catering Company also gives the prospective chefs training in catering off site at a venue of the client’s choice. Food preparation, setting of tables, flowers, beverages and even cleaning up are but a few of the skills incorporated in their comprehensive chef’s training