Conference Catering: What to for in a Venue

Conference catering can have many pitfalls and doing one’s homework before deciding on a venue is essential. Issues surrounding conference catering are the following:

  • LOCATION. Part of successful conference catering is making it as easy for delegates to attend. The venue should be easily accessible and preferably not too far from an airport. Bed and Breakfast facilities should be in close proximity of the conference venue.
  • PARKING should be sufficient, safe and disabled-friendly.
  • NOISE becomes an issue when other parties also make use of the premises and distracts delegates. Construction and traffic noises are not conducive to successful conference catering at all.
  • LIGHTING should be practical when doing power-point presentations and other demonstrations. Having enough natural light in the venue is also important as it keeps delegates from feeling cooped-up.
  • EQUIPMENT. The sound quality of equipment should be good. It is essential to confirm with the conference catering company the type of equipment they have to offer.
  • PRICE. Extra equipment that has to be rented means extra costs to the organizer. Confirm what the price includes. For example: chairs, tables, parking, meals, and sound or power-point equipment.
  • POLICY on administrative issues like cancellations should be put in writing. What happens if the conference is cancelled? Will the organizer lose the deposit or will they have to pay the full amount?
  • FLEXIBILTY of a conference catering company is essential when it comes to late-registrations of delegates. Confirm whether the company will be able to supply extra food, seating and the like at the last minute.
  • FOOD should be plenty and offer delegates a variety of choices. The conference catering company should also be able to cater for special food needs like allergies. Healthy food options should be available.

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