Cookery Courses

Here’s one for the diary. The Prue Leith Chef’s Studio, a division of the world renowned Prue Leith Group of companies, has recently started up a series of short cooking courses that are designed for the cooking enthusiast. The cookery courses included in the curriculum so far include:

  • French Tarts – how to make your own sweet short crust pastry and make two delicious tarts with your pastry. The final tart is made with our homemade puff pastry
  • Gourmet Cupcakes – learn how to make these in a course delivered by our pastry specialist Lorraine Meaney. She will teach you all you need to know about cupcakes.
  • Fish – learn how to fillet a fish the right way and learn several ways to prepare and serve whole fresh fish
  • Pasta – learn how to make and prepare a virtually fat free and salt free food that naturally satisfies hunger longer without spiking blood sugar levels.
  • How to chop like a chef – Have you ever wanted to know how to cut an onion into those tiny little pieces? Our chef Maria Radcliffe will show you how and will teach you how to slice a punnet of mushrooms in less than 2 minutes?
  • Outdoor cooking – learn how to debone a chicken for the braai, how to make home-made mayonnaise and some splendid cold desserts for the summer.
  • Bread making – learn how to produce that wonderful smell of freshly baked bread in your own kitchen
  • Vegetarian cuisine – the first of several vegetarian courses for you and your friends

These cookery courses are to be added to in the coming months. Keep in touch with new cookery courses in the Chef’s Studio section of our web pages.