Kitchen Academy

The Prue Leith Group in South Africa has recently added a new division to their group – the Prue Leith Chef’s Studio. The original concept behind this division was as a studio, if you will, where qualified chefs could brush up and further their skills, and where hobby cook could get new ideas. The concept has stretched out somewhat into a sort of kitchen academy, for the courses offered are far wider than the original concept. A new course has been implemented for the domestic employee who has some cooking responsibilities. This new kitchen academy course covers an extremely wide range of kitchen knowledge and includes an important module on hygiene, food safety and the correct use of kitchen knives. There is little doubt that any domestic worker would benefit from this course.

Having learnt about the importance of hygiene and its related subjects, the participant of thei kitchen academy course learn ten different cooking methods, roasting, boiling, braising, grilling, steaming, poaching, stewing, deep and shallow frying and baking. They learn what each one means, what utensils are needed for it, and what foods are suitable for each one. Later in the course they learn specific breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes as well as different kinds of sandwiches, and how to bake a number of those smaller items that children like so much. If you’re a working mom and you’d like your domestic employee to be a whole lot more useful in the kitchen, this kitchen academy course is the course to send her on.