Cookery School with a Difference

The Prue Leith Chefs’ Academy has come up with something new – a cookery school with a difference. It’s now possible for you to take part in short specialist cookery courses that last from between a half-day and four days and in which you can hone your culinary skills. These short courses, overseen by professional chefs, presently include Thai Vegetarian cooking, Outdoor cooking, Learning how to chop food like a professional chef, Bread baking, Gourmet cupcakes and a module entitled Kitchens of the World, which introduces you to Moroccan, Algerian and Tunisian cooking. This cookery school is perfect for the “self taught gourmet cook” and for professional chefs who want to expand their knowledge.

Prue Leith’s college has developed over the last ten or so years since its founding into an institution that is known not just over South Africa, but around the world. Prue Leith herself was awarded the OBE for services rendered to the UK catering industry. The college has never looked back. Its own restaurant, located on the premises, is manned by students from the cookery school under professional supervision, and has been awarded its Blaizon from the Chaine Des Rotisseurs as well as been listed in the top hundred South African restaurants. So, calling all self-made self-acclaimed cordon bleu cooks. Surprise your guests at your next culinary occasion with something new from the best cookery school in the land. Considerable emphasis is made on hands on practical experience and vital knowledge. If you would like more information about this innovation, please contact us.