Cooking Academy

Those who are passionate about all things culinary, such as aspiring chefs as well as career path-changers find Prue Leith College of Food and Wine the ideal cooking academy.

Our strong, 10-year history in the training industry as well as our reputation for turning out the best students of course are two of the main ingredients.

Ours is a cooking academy that can turn a passion for cooking into a promising and deliciously fruitful career.

The course offered at Prue Leith College allows the students to pursue their passion by gaining sought-after knowledge. Main areas covered at our cooking academy include the overall areas of food preparation, wine service and kitchen and restaurant management.

The academy is fully staffed with permanent, highly-skilled and professional lecturers who personally tutor the students. The students, in turn, benefit from close professional supervision at all times. To ensure that high industry standards are maintained, we use external examiners such as Prue Leith, OBE. Ms Leith is an internationally-celebrated chef, author, with many accolades including London’s Woman of the Year and allows the would-be chefs to start cooking and using kitchen equipment two weeks into their 18 months course. Emphasizing on both academics and practical to ensure top quality chefs are produced and that employment comes as soon as they graduate.

Besides assisting in the day-to-day running of both the restaurant as well as the catering division of the Prue Leith Group, the students spend six months of their course completing their ‘practical’ with reputable chefs in the finest kitchens in hotels, lodges and restaurants around the country.
The Prue Leith College of Food and Wine is known by its peers in the industry for being the centre of culinary education, and for producing world-class chefs with a highly professional attitude.

This makes for highly sought-after students who form the foundation of many exceptional kitchens in South Africa and around the world.

Prue Leith College is the ideal cooking academy and as a result has excellent links with the industry. We are, finally, extremely well positioned to place students, after graduation, in appropriate posts both in South Africa and internationally.