Do you have a flair for food?

Are you creative, with a flair for cooking and food preparation?

The job of cooking in a commercial kitchen is a rapidly-growing one. With the impending 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa, job opportunities in this industry are sure to soar – and because of that, superior training is imperative.

At the The Prue Leith College of Food and Wine we will turn your talent and passion into a truly rewarding career.

We boast an extensive, accredited 18 months diploma with an acclaimed curriculum – and as a result, produces highly skilled chefs. This diploma with not only cultivate but perfect your skills, thereby allowing you to journey into the world of fine dining with confidence. You will be able to work at fine dining kitchens worldwide, producing dishes of the highest quality.

Imagine being able to cook and moreover, to create trend-setting, original recipes?

Not only that, but imagine gaining the business acumen to add even more power to your CV, and future.

Qualified chefs are the key figures in the hospitality industry and in some instances work hand in hand with hotel managers. Those, in turn, manage the day-to-day operations of hospitably institutions like hotels and lodges. They ensure maximum profitability for the establishment while providing the best service to their guests.

When choosing a career, do not be confused by the differences between the two careers and. A qualified chef is skilled in the culinary arts and their responsibilities are as follows:
Plan and develop the menu
Food preparation and the artistic presentation of the food
Purchase food supplies
Check food quality
Supervises and co-ordinates activities of other cooks
Ensure that high quality food and service is provided at all times

Hotel management is vastly different. The manager manages the entire establishment and may need assistance from department managers. Other departments include housekeeping, accounting, food service departments, human resources, financial department and marketing and sales. Studies that need to be undertaken to be a qualified hotel manager can be done through Hospitality Institutions.

The hospitality and tourism industry is large and has many vital components. The two components mentioned area are the two pivotal in this in flourishing industry.