Cooking Career

A Prue Leith Cooking Career

Heralded as a connoisseur, the world renowned Prue Leith OBE is not only a chef, but a true master in the scintillating world of the culinary arts. As a caterer, restaurateur, TV cook, broadcaster, and cookery writer, her passion for food has grown into an empire of gastronomic excellence. Although born in South Africa, her cooking career took off in England’s capital, London, where most of today’s most celebrated chefs are based.

Even though Prue Leith has already received many honours, including that of OBE, she has also been given several honorary degrees and fellowships from esteemed UK universities. However, this proved to not be enough for this driven woman, and in 1975 she founded the Leith’s School of Food and Wine which grew into an academy to be reckoned with, offering potential chefs the chance to begin their cooking career with the essential skills and confidence needed to be a success in this rather challenging industry.

In 1997 the Prue Leith Chefs Academy was founded with Prue Leith as the awe inspiring patron. Located in the old Manor House of Lyttleton, Centurion, this chefs academy follows in Prue Leith’s footsteps by inspiring amateur and professional chefs to develop their passion for cooking with a world-class training programme that affords students to experience and achieve culinary excellence within the hospitality industry. When you enrol at the Prue Leith Chefs Academy you can be certain that the core values of passion, excellence, creativity, expertise, and tradition will become part of your every being, equipping you with an exceptional combination of skills and knowledge needed to have a successful cooking career as a celebrated chef!

If you are interested in developing your cooking career according to the Prue Leith set of high culinary standards, then contact us today. You can be certain that with a Prue Leith accreditation on your résumé, you will be a much sought after chef!

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