Cooking Courses for the Average Joe

Few will disagree that the food industry world-wide has seen a growth in the need for cooking courses. With celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver doing what they do best on TV channels across the world, more people find themselves appreciative of specially prepared food. Professional chefs present cooking courses in front of the cameras and that has the “average Joe” realizing that cooking a scrumptious, even extravagant meal themselves may be within their grasp.

Corporate companies, friends and families have also come to the realization that attending cooking courses together, lifts team spirit. Prue Leith Catering Company identified this need and designed special cooking courses that can be attended on their premises. The packages on offer include liberal quantities of wine, the food and the use of their premises. There are currently five menus to choose from.

  • Thai
  • Portuguese
  • Japanese
  • Greek
  • American

At R385 per head the 6 course meal and all the fun that comes with attending a cooking course, will be an experience to talk about for some time to come.

A minimum of 10 people is needed for a cooking course. On arrival drinks and canopies are served. The group divides into teams who will each get a different part of the meal to prepare, for example the starter or main course. Under the pastry session of the cooking course is the preparation of the dessert and bread. When all is done the whole group enjoys the meal together over a few more glasses of wine. A cooking course at Prue Leith Catering Company promises to be an enriching experience full of laughter end fun.

Prue Leith Catering Company is based in Centurion, Gauteng until the end of June. As from the beginning of July their popular cooking courses can be attended at their new premises in Kaylami, Johannesburg.