Corporate Catering Success Rubs Off

In the hustle and bustle of today’s economy corporate catering has become a necessity. Upcoming and thriving companies will at some point have to make use of professionals for their corporate catering needs.

It could be for the launch of a new product, a conference or even a merge of companies. The ideal remains the same: Corporate catering has to be done by a catering company that will deliver an outstanding service and in the process make their clients shine. Fact is, the success or failure of a catering company often balances on a knife’s edge, and both of these rub of on the people hiring them.

Hiring a reputable company with an outstanding track record and a reputation for excellence will take the stress out of corporate catering. Prue Leith Catering is such a Company. Be it a team-building exercise, cocktail function or formal sit-down buffet, Prue Leith perfects corporate catering at a venue of their client’s choice. Should finding a venue pose a problem Prue Leith will be of assistance.

Prue Leith’s Executive chef is a genius with flavors and textures and came second in the prestigious Garlucci Awards during a cook-off in London. One can rightly assume the food and service will be of high international standard, as is fitting when catering for a corporate company.

The professional staff from Prue Leith Catering is highly trained at Prue Leith’s Chef’s Academy in Centurion. They are able to create the perfect ambience and will assist with every small detail of corporate catering. Flowers, décor, wine, beverages and cleaning up are all taken care of.