Cooking Courses in Gauteng for All Culinary Levels

Cooking Courses in Gauteng for All Culinary Levels 

If you are a Gauteng resident who is thinking of taking cooking courses, you are in the best place to do so. Let us tell you why. Our highly regarded cooking school and chefs’ academy is located in Gauteng, in Hennopspark, a picturesque suburb of Centurion, just south of Pretoria. The location of our school of cookery and culinary arts is very convenient for residents of Pretoria, Johannesburg and Gauteng towns and cities that surround the two metropoles. A network of highways connects Centurion to the East and West Rand too, so you should experience no difficulty in attending courses and travelling to and from our cooking school – Prue Leith Chefs Academy.

Years’ of Cooking Courses in Gauteng

Since being founded in 1996 and opening its doors in 1997 to students taking courses in the culinary arts, Prue Leith Chefs Academy has been providing cooking courses and qualified, confident chefs for more than 20 years in Gauteng, for the benefit of all our graduates, as well as the greater good of the South African hospitality industry. In fact, a number of our graduates have gone on to work in the kitchens and restaurants of several famous celebrity chefs.

The Need for Cooking Courses

Prue Leith Chefs Academy was established by three forward-thinking entrepreneurs who were all closely involved in the hospitality industry. The highest possible standards were required of their restaurants, especially the quality of the meals and the content of their menus. Standards often fell short of their expectations, and they had been compelled to engage chefs from abroad at various times. However, these chefs often did not make the grade, once they began cooking and preparing meals for their guests. Because of their passion for the culinary arts, they decided to do something about the situation.

The Solution: A Recognised Cooking School

This was why they established the Prue Leith Chefs Academy in Gauteng, its world-class curricula, and its outstanding cooking courses. Because they required a prestigious name for the academy, befitting its station, and that would be instantly recognised and meaningful, Prue Leith CBE was approached. Prue studied their business model, saw the merits of their proposed plans and agreed – for the very first time – to allow her name to be used by a third party. This was and is still an huge endorsement and vote of confidence in the standards of their culinary training and cooking courses. Prue is still closely involved with our cooking school and the contents of our courses. She visits us every year, while we consult with her before making any major decisions about our school and cooking courses.

Courses for Chefs and Cooks

 At Prue Leith, we offer an extensive range of cooking courses for all culinary competency levels and purposes, whether you dream of becoming a professional chef, are already working as a professional chef but wish to specialise or hone your existing culinary knowledge and skills, or you are a home cook, wanting to take your culinary creations to the next level. Numerous full-length and short cooking courses await your attendance at Prue Leith, Gauteng’s premier culinary academy.