Culinary Schools Gauteng

Culinary Schooling – The First Step in A Culinary Career

Students who enrol at our culinary school in Gauteng have certain characteristics in common. Perhaps you may become one of them, especially if you recognise that undertaking your formal culinary training at one of the leading specialised schools of the culinary arts in Gauteng will stand you in good stead for the rest of your professional life.

Typical Characteristics

You may have passed your Grade 12 examinations and you are considering a culinary career. You are determined, unafraid of working hard, and applying yourself to achieve your dreams and goals, are imaginative and creative, and have a keen eye for detail. Additionally, you follow the best foodie programmes on TV, those like the Great British Menu and the Great British Bake-Off, and you simply love good food, since everything related to the preparation and enjoyment of fine food interests you.

Special Passion

Perhaps your love of food runs even deeper. It is one of your special passions, a passion that you should consider exploring further and developing into a career as a professional chef. You have certainly ticked many of the boxes of the culinary characteristics that our students have who graduate from our school of culinary excellence to become a top chef – hard-working, imaginative, able to distinguish the ordinary from the extraordinary, and able to spot a mistake in an instant. Your determination is boundless, provided that you are passionate about what you want to achieve. You dream of achieving greatness in the culinary world of food preparation and fine dining.

Patron of One of The Top Gauteng Culinary Schools

As an avid follower of competing amateur bakers and qualified chefs who appear on the small screen, you are no doubt very familiar with competition judge Prue Leith CBE. South African-born Prue ran her own Michelin-starred restaurant in London and is an author of numerous cookery books and now also works of fiction, in addition to being a highly regarded food critic. Prue also happens to be the patron of our culinary school in Gauteng, the Prue Leith Chefs Academy, a leading culinary training facility in South Africa. We consult Prue prior to making significant changes to our curricula or the school that carries her name. Her annual visits with us are highly anticipated events.

Gauteng Training Facilities

The Prue Leith culinary school’s campus has two kitchens for training purposes. The Tiny Barnetson Culinary Centre incorporates the main training kitchen, T1, which has 20 comprehensively equipped cooking stations – one for each learner – plus numerous cutting-edge aids and appliances. The dedicated Patisserie kitchen, T2, is air-conditioned to the ideal temperature for pastry work, accomplished at ten dedicated pastry stations. All our training kitchens and facilities have generator backup, so our culinary activities remain unaffected by power failures. Our culinary school’s third kitchen, which serves the Prue Leith Restaurant’s discerning diners, is staffed by students in their second Commis semester. This facility has three sections – Hot Kitchen, Cold Kitchen, and Pastry Kitchen.

Two state-of-the-art lecture rooms, a well-stocked library, and expert lecturers complete the professional facilities of one of the leading Gauteng culinary schools, the Prue Leith Chefs Academy.