Culinary Training

Much emphasis has been placed recently on the quality of culinary training. This is understandable if you consider just how much time and effort has to go into studying for a successful career as a professional chef. During the times when most of us enjoy a well deserved break, chefs are at their busiest. During breakfast, lunch and dinner, when most people are able to sit back and relax, chefs are running around handling a number of orders, and in between they are constantly preparing for these busy times.

With this in mind it becomes obvious that in order to survive in the kitchen, you will have to embark on a high standard culinary training programme of a high standard that will properly prepare you for this industry. It is for this very reason why Prue Leith Chefs Academy has been one of the preferred culinary schools, acknowledged by many of South Africa’s top chefs as the finest chefs training institution in the country.

When we train our students it is done with the industry’s needs and wants in mind. Our high quality education provides our students with a multitude of skills, knowledge, technique, and experience that allows them to enter the industry with confidence. Once our students graduate from our culinary training programme they are fully focused and well-rounded in their skills and knowledge, which is why they are so sought after. In fact, it is not uncommon to see job advertisements entitled “Prue Leith graduates only need apply”.

If you are looking to learn from the best, contact us today, and our Student HR and Admin Manager will provide you with details about Prue Leith Chefs Academy’s culinary training courses.

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