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So you want to become a professional chef? In French, the word chef means “chief” – a chef is an individual who takes care of prepping and cooking food. Other than enhancing the taste, they also have to make the food look good. There are different kinds of chefs each with different responsibilities. Here’s a basic summary of some of the most common chef jobs and what each one means:

  • Commis Chef – a commis chef is the first position available for fresh chef graduates entering the culinary world. Essentially they are considered assistants in the kitchen, and although those in this field won’t really get paid much at first, it is a good way to discover what specialty you want to get into alongside the experience you will gain.
  • Pastry Chef – pastry chefs on the other hand are focused on a specific specialty. They have skills to do with baked goods and confections and are responsible for making delicious and creative desserts.
  • Sous Chef – following after the executive chef is the sous chef. These chefs are usually second in command and often are in charge of making things run smoothly. There are some instances when they create and prepare dishes for the executive chefs.
  • Executive Chef – one often only makes it to an executive chef position after years of experience. Before getting to this position they usually go up the ranks and initially work as a sous chef before being promoted. Individuals who have the resources to start up their own restaurant can also call themselves an executive chef.

Getting to know about the different types of chef jobs available will allow you to explore the particular kind you want to be. However, life in a kitchen is hectic and high-pressured, and recruitment for these top chef jobs can be fierce. While becoming a chef can be rewarding, it’s important to know what to expect in order to decide if you can take the heat. This is a highly competitive career, so if you want to excel and find the best chef jobs in this field, you will need to start taking the proper steps to set yourself apart as soon as possible.

If you want to be the best, you have to study with the best, and pursuing a career in culinary arts starts by enrolling yourself in the best possible internationally accredited City & Guilds culinary art school so you can find the best chef jobs in any 5 star Restaurant in the world.

Education and Training

Since 1997, the Prue Leith Chef’s Academy has trained world-class chefs who have worked in famous kitchens all around the world. The scope and strengths of our curriculum are evident in the successes of our past pupils who have not only worked for Jamie Oliver, the Roux brothers, Gordon Ramsay’s in London, but also represented their country at the Culinary Olympics and won gold at the World Gourmand Cookbook awards in Beijing.

We strive to improve the standards and professionalism of South African kitchens by supplying the hospitality industry with only the best and most passionate, disciplined and highly skilled chefs. Our superior world renowned standard of education ensures that our students get the best possible chefs training available and are highly sought after in both the South African and international market. If you’ve decided that this is the career for you, the next step is to begin a Culinary Arts program at the Prue Leith Chefs Academy.

We offer a variety of chef courses including the Grande Diploma in Culinary Arts and Wine, Diploma in Culinary Studies, Diploma in Pâtisserie, Alma Professional Chef of Italian Cuisine, and Certificate in Sugar Craft as well as many other short cooking and baking courses. All our chef courses and diplomas are accredited internationally by City & Guilds giving graduates the opportunity to spread their wings and enter this diverse industry at any hospitality institution in the world, knowing that they have the best training behind them.

Find Chef Jobs on our Website

Once you have received your qualifications from Prue Leith Chefs Academy, you will find many opportunities for chef jobs. Chefs are in high demand and they are paid well; the more education and experience you have, the more money you will make.

It’s a career with rich opportunities, and that’s exactly what we at Prue Leith offer you; we offer our graduates a career jumpstart in finding chef jobs through our very own Prue Leith recruitment service which can be found on our website. Our online recruitment service is exclusively for the use of our chef graduates only, who post their resume free of charge readily available for employers to view. Here, employers can also submit their job offers and view our graduates’ qualifications and CVs with confidence knowing that Prue Leith Chefs Academy graduates are the best.

By earning a qualification from the internationally renowned and respected Prue Leith Chefs Academy, chef jobs anywhere in the world will be easy to find. All you need is creativity, determination and an education from Prue Leith Chefs Academy.