Enrol In A Chef Academy And Pursue Your Dream Career

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to slice ’n dice, sauté and flambé, then enrol in a chef academy and learn all this and more. At a chef academy you will become skilled at all the fundamentals of cooking, knife skills, sanitation, safety, and food production. Learn about modern, regional and classical cuisines and practice whipping up culinary delights in modern kitchens.

In South Africa you have a wide selection of chef’s academies from which to choose, but undoubtedly the one that has the finest reputation for producing the best trained culinary graduates is the Prue Leith Chefs Academy. This chef academy was started over 13 years ago, and has continued to turn out graduates that are equipped with all the necessary skills and training to make it in the very competitive culinary world. Some of these students have secured positions in kitchens all across the world. Prue Leith graduates are highly sought after and many will find that they are as highly regarded as the students graduating from such well-known and prestigious academies such as Le Cordon Bleu.


Why are the Prue Leith students so well trained?

This is due to a number of factors. The passion, creativity and pursuit of excellence are inherent values in this chef academy and this translates into every aspect of practical and theoretical training. The lecturers are chosen for their excellence and their dedication. The equipment in the kitchens is some of the best in the world and so is the ingredients used when training students in the art of food preparation. And, finally the fact that the students are trained in the highly acclaimed Prue Leith Restaurant under the watchful eye of experienced chefs and managers ensure that all the students leave with a quality, well-rounded culinary education.

The Prue Leith Chef Academy is situated in the old Manor House of Lyttleton in Centurion in Gauteng. For students wishing to find out more about this prestigious chef academy, contact Prue Leith Chef Academy.