First-class Chefs Academy at your door step

Prue Leith College of Food and Wine is a first-class chef’s academy in more ways than one.Lecturers are not only highly experienced and committed, but also passionate about tutoring and mentoring students. The objective, a career as a dedicated, professional chef. A diploma from our chef’s academy is designed to provide the trainees a sound foundation of classic cooking with a modern touch. In addition, the course includes itchen management, food preparation and food presentation skills – all imperative for aspiring chefs in this challenging industry.

To make sure that all our students are highly skilled and that they apply their talents suitably, the academy boasts an on-site restaurant, state of demonstration kitchen and a fully equipped large-scale kitchen. The trainee chefs also spend time in each department of the kitchen, learning different techniques and thereby gaining an in-depth understanding of how the kitchen as a whole functions.

Individual attention and mentorship makes for our experienced lecturers imparting knowledge to the young, potential stars in a most effective way. In addition, lectures are supported by hands-on experience in our international fine dining restaurant. Consequently, young, aspiring chefs in this academy in Pretoria know that they’re receiving the very best training.

Prue Leith College of Food and Wine is the leading chefs academy in South Africa that not only consistently maintains standards but also remains abreast of international trends. It also has over 90 per cent job placement for their students at first-class hotels, restaurants and lodges. The diploma course is open to matriculants over the age of 17 years. The primary criterion, a flair for cooking. The ongoing accolades of our Prue Leith’s are attributed to personal attention, exceptional coaching and commitment to superior quality in everything we do.