Healthy Food Short Courses

Healthy Food Short Courses Presented by Prue Leith Professionals

Mention healthy food to fast food fans – those who shun anything that concentrates on nutritional value and health per se – and you will be met with a host of reasons for their preference for unwholesome foods.

Poor Habits Inherited from Childhood

Poor dietary habits usually start in childhood. Children quickly become accustomed to whatever their parents eat – good or bad – developing preferences accordingly. Keep in mind that humans are inclined to like sweet things and fatty foods with a high salt content. Before you know, you have a fixed habit, notoriously difficult to break. The die is cast for a lifetime of poor eating habits, impaired well-being and an increase in the worldwide obesity pandemic. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to stop this harmful cycle in your own home.


If you do not know any better, you may think that healthy food consists of an abundance of lettuce, celery sticks and other so-called “rabbit food”, all of which you find boring and tasteless. Moreover, the perception exists that shopping for healthy ingredients and preparing them accordingly is time-consuming, difficult and costly.

Nothing could be further from the truth, providing that you know what to buy and prepare and how to do so, in order to serve visually appealing, tasty and interesting nutritious meals – in as little time as it would take you to pop across to your local drive-through fast food outlet for highly processed foods, devoid of beneficial nutrients.

It Only Takes One Day

One day is all it takes to learn the essential “how-tos”, a tiny sacrifice in your busy lifestyle and a huge benefit to everyone for whom you cook. In fact, Prue Leith Chefs Academy’s “Healthy on the Go” one-day short course covers the fundamental aspects of healthy food and snack preparation.

This holds the key to a new, better way of eating, beginning with proper planning and clever shopping, a different way of doing things which will stand you in good stead forever, throughout your life and hopefully that of your descendants too.

Healthy On the Go Short Course

This one-day course is held at Prue Leith Chefs Academy’s professional kitchen at our campus in Centurion. The day’s proceedings begin at 09:00 and conclude at 14:00, at which time you will enjoy a lovely lunch – the demonstrated nutritious meals that you prepared during the course:
• Breakfast on the run.
• Easy snacks and lunchbox meals.
• Delicious dinners, fast and full of flavour.

Vitality HealthyFood Studio Course

In partnership with Woolworths, Prue Leith Academy is delighted to launch this new short course, as part of Discovery Health’s Vitality program. It is interactive and full of fun, a great introduction to your new way of eating in pursuit of enhanced health and a better quality of life. This healthy food short course takes place at our latest teaching and tasting kitchen, the Vitality HealthyFood Studio, situated at Discovery’s campus in Sandton.

Invest in Improved Health

You will see for yourself that there is nothing boring, tasteless, unappetising or unattractive about healthy food, once we have shown you how to shop for ingredients with which to prepare delicious, nutritious culinary delights. Join Prue Leith professionals for our short courses. Invest in your health.