Basic Baking – Baking Short Course

Get Baking Now with Prue Leith Academy’s Short Courses

In the past, women were judged by husbands, mothers-in-law and peers alike according to the talents they demonstrated in their roles as housewives and mothers. Such judgement applied especially to their food preparation skills in the kitchen and the quality of their baked goods.

Mom and Gran’s Guidance

It was (and still is) a fortunate woman that learned basic baking and cooking skills by helping her mom in the kitchen. The truly lucky ones had mothers or grannies that taught them how to prepare cakes, breads, biscuits, pastries, quiches and tarts at a more advanced level.

Sadly for some, they were banned from the kitchen, simply because their mothers preferred to operate solo. They learned nothing at all, a fact that became all too apparent once they were married and had to provide meals and baked goods for their own families and guests.

The Tea Party

Tea parties, at which the table was set with delicate porcelain and gorgeous sweet and savoury treats, were regular events amongst the ladies. Woe betides the hostess who was unable to bake or produce the delicious homemade eats that invariably accompanied the teatime ritual.

Modern and Convenient

Times and expectations have changed, but appreciation of tasty baked goods remains. In many respects, things have become easier and a lot more convenient in and around the kitchen, so there is really no valid reason why you cannot master basic baking techniques, once you have attended a brief but comprehensive, professionally presented course. Not everyone wants or needs to become a master pastry chef or baker, yet you will be amazed at how far a basic baking short course, as offered by Prue Leith Chefs Academy, will take you.

Moreover, your family and friends will be equally amazed when you present them with a range of divine delights, prepared by your own hands, in your own kitchen, with no fuss and very little effort on your part. One morning at our school is all it takes to master basic baking proficiency with confidence.

Prue Leith’s Short Course – Basic Baking

Basic information about our baking short course:

• Our short basic baking course is designed for beginners. No prior aptitude is required.
• The fee is affordable.
• You will be trained in a fully-equipped, professional kitchen, so it is important for you to tie back your hair, limit make-up and jewellery to a minimum, wear comfortable shoes and bring an apron.
• Class hours: 09:00 to 14:00.
• The remaining classes for 2016 take place on 6 August and 1 October.

What You Will Learn

• Scientific principles of baking and use of the oven.
• Understanding of relevant ingredients and their combination.
• Elegant decorating techniques.

Demonstration and Preparation of Baked Delights

• Genoise sponge chocolate Swiss roll, sure to wow family and friends.
• Victoria sponge cake with butter cream frosting – a classic.
• Cream scones with strawberries – an all-time favourite teatime treat.
• Carrot and olive oil cupcakes with delicious cream cheese frosting – always popular with adults and children alike.

You must admit – you will learn a lot in just a one day course, certainly more than enough basic knowledge to get you started on your baking journey. Who knows, perhaps you will enrol for a few of our more advanced short courses too.