Mere Eating versus Fine Food and Fine Dining

Mere Eating versus Fine Food and Fine Dining

Everyone agrees that food is fuel for the body; it is what keeps us healthy and operative by supplying nutrition. Even so, there is far more to food than mankind’s intrinsic and essential need to eat in order to survive, thrive, and live productively for the allotted three score years and ten or, nowadays, considerably longer. There is food and there is fine food – delectable, innovative gourmet cuisine, dishes that tease and please the discerning palate. There is eating, the simple instinctive act of ingesting foodstuffs to satiate hunger, but then there is fine dining too, far more sophisticated and pleasurable than the mere act of eating.

Expertly Trained Professional South African Chef

Who takes edible ingredients, combines them carefully and creatively, and transforms food into a fine dining experience? The vast majority of the time, this creator of culinary art is not just a talented cook; this person is a qualified, expertly trained, and highly skilled professional chef.

Prue Leith Premier Fine Food Academy

Many of this country’s top culinary artists are graduates of Prue Leith Chefs Academy, South Africa’s premier chefs’ training facility since 1997, the year we first opened our doors to provide world-class culinary education and training to students that continue to be sought-after upon graduation by both the local and international hospitality industry, much to the delight of diners at fine food establishments. Prue Leith Academy itself, our professional diploma courses, and relevant theoretical and practical, hands-on curricula are locally and internationally (City & Guilds) accredited, as are our students that pass their Prue Leith and City & Guilds examinations.

Our Prue Leith qualifications, combined with those from City & Guilds, open the first-class sector of the culinary world to Prue Leith Academy graduates, enabling them to seek career opportunities within this country and abroad, wherever fine food is served in fine dining establishments. In fact, many restaurateurs in this country will only interview our academy’s graduates to fill vacancies in their professional kitchens that cater for fine food restaurants and their fine dining patrons.

Our Own Patron

 At our academy and its acclaimed fine dining restaurant in Centurion, we have our very own patron, the internationally renowned Prue Leith CBE, herself formerly the owner of her Michelin-starred restaurant, Leith’s, in Notting Hill, London. Prue sold this outstanding restaurant in 1995, approximately two years before our fine food training academy that proudly bears her name opened its doors to students in South Africa – career-minded aspirant professional chefs who wished to obtain the best possible culinary training available in this country. She continues to be involved in our institute, visiting us regularly and sharing her knowledge, expertise, and time with us when major decisions are to be taken that affect our school and students.

With such a sterling reputation, heritage, and history, and our combined passion and commitment to education, training, and the innovative development of the fine food industry in South Africa, it is no wonder that Prue Leith’s academy is a leader in its field. We have taken the realm of fine food preparation for fine dining far beyond the bare basics – food is not just fuel; it is to be savoured.