Our Top-tier Chef School

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Top-tier Chef School

If it is your dream to one day become a chef, or work in the food preparation and hospitality industry, the best place to start is with an excellent chef school. We at the Prue Leith Culinary Institute are considered one of the top culinary schools in South Africa, and our reputation for producing qualified students who go on to reach outstanding success precedes us. Training at the right chef school means that you have a major advantage post-qualification, as our accredited courses can offer far more opportunities for individuals seeking a job in the culinary field. For those wanting to know more about us, have a look below as we answer some frequently asked questions we often receive.

Where Does the Institute Get its Name?

The Prue Leith Culinary Institute was named after our founding patron, Prue Leith. Energetic, innovative, and having established a knack for business, Prue Leith is a successful restaurateur, cookbook writer, novelist, television chef, and businesswoman. Inspired by our founder’s passion for great food, our courses and training programmes at our school have been designed to equip students with knowledge, technical excellence, and a lifelong love for the craft. Because of this commitment to our students, we have spent almost 20 years at the forefront of culinary training in South Africa.

What Training Facilities Are Available?

We have invested R10,5 million into our training facilities. From their first Commis semester, each student is designated their own cooking station in our Training Kitchen (T1), which is fully equipped with appliances, a full set of smalls equipment, pots and pans, and whatever else they may need. Our Patisserie Kitchen (T2) also has stations for our pastry students, and is not only fully equipped, but air-conditioned for ideal temperatures during pastry work. We also have two, large lecture rooms and a student library. Our facilities also include a full audio and visual suite for instructional presentations.

Are There Different Courses from Which to Choose?

Our chef school has various courses from which to choose, depending upon your professional goals and available time. Our full-time courses are designed to offer comprehensive theoretical and practical training to prepare students for their specialisation after they graduate – whether they enjoy Italian cuisine, patisserie, or wish to become a chef de cuisine at their own restaurant one day. We also offer part-time courses and short courses for students who wish to study at their own pace, refine their skills, or who are currently already working in the industry.

Is Practical Training Included in the Courses?

Our on-site restaurant kitchen services the Prue Leith Restaurant, and students can do practical work here from their second Commis semester while being supervised by our expert lecturers. Students are also placed at other establishments later on in their studies. Our chef school prioritises practical work and recognises it is a key component in successful culinary training as it prepares students for real-world food preparation environments.

Our stellar reputation, experienced lecturers, accredited courses, and dedication to the growth and success of our students means you leave our doors with opportunities aplenty before you. For more information on how to enrol with us and kickstart your future, contact us today.