Party Catering at Home

Party catering for a large amount of guests at one’s own home is often considered a possibility; especially if the house and surrounding grounds are quite large. Getting a company with a good track-record with party catering will ease the process along. Asking a catering company to view the home and surrounding grounds and make some suggestions for the event may bring up some bright and innovative ideas. Seasoned party catering companies are often able to assist with details like flowers and décor.

Before sending out invitations there are a few practical party catering issues to take into consideration.

  • Parking should be sufficient and safe.
  • The ablution facilities must be sufficient for the amount of guests. One bathroom for every fifteen people is considered enough.
  • Baby-changing facilities are essential for those with babies and small children.
  • Safety of small children around open swimming pools and fish ponds is often overlooked during party catering. The parking area also poses a threat to little ones
  • Confirm with the party catering company that the freezer and fridge facilities will meet their demand on the day.
  • Consider the possibility of extra costs for things like renting fridges, marquee tents, chairs, tables, cutlery and linen. When all adds up it may be more affordable to host the event at a venue that is geared towards party catering.

As a professional party catering company, Prue Leith Catering is renowned for party catering with a modern, funky approach. They do party catering at a venue of their client’s choice and turn every occasion into a celebration.