Pastry Perfected!

The essence of pastry is flour, fat and liquid. With these basic ingredients and a master’s touch, a meal can be made into a masterpiece. Making flawless pastry is a skill that is perfected with practice and patience. A pastry chef will be able to combine the ingredients in various different proportions and apply different techniques to create the most perfect pastry creations.

Pastry dates back to ancient Mediterranean times when it was enjoyed as paper thin sheets in filo pies and baklava. It was not until the French and Italian chefs got hold of pastry that pastry was elevated to an art form. Puff and choux pastries appeared on the food scene and were sought after by kings and queens. Traditional pastry making is favoured over ready-made commercial pastry as this always adds an extra special something to each dessert. There are courses that will help the dedicated cook master the art of pastry making. The Prue Leith Chefs Academy offers a part time 4 month Diploma in Patisserie that will thoroughly prepare the graduate for an entry level career as a pastry chef. This course offers classic French training and modern techniques.

This course also offers students a comprehensive module on financial management so that they will be equipped to make a profit from pastry items. This course is very intensive from both a practical and theoretical point of view. It offers on-site training in our fully equipped kitchen as well as experience in the award winning Prue Leith restaurant. All of the training is done by professionals who are experts in their particular fields. The City & Gulids IVQ in Diploma in Patisserie (7065) examinations are written alongside the academy’s exams. This means that all our graduates can seek employment both locally and abroad.

Take pastry making to another level and learn all the tricks of the trade at the Prue Leith Chefs Academy.