Train As A Head Chef And Become King Of The Kitchen

head chef, sometimes called the executive chef or chef de cuisine, occupies the top role in a professional kitchen. A head chef is the king of the kitchen and is in charge of all food service operations and will supervise and staff the kitchens and dining operations.  A head chef will determine menus, order food products and serve as the public persona for the restaurant. In a corporate or hotel environment, the head chef may be in charge of several kitchens and will also have to oversee catering operations and dining events for large scale functions and events. A head chef is required to have at least seven years experience before becoming a head chef and many head chefs will need to have some sort of recognised formal training if they are to move up the ladder in the culinary world.

Prue Leith Chefs Academy was established in 1997 with the sole purpose of training culinary students to the highest possible standard. We have, over the years, turned out graduates that have gone on to work in some of the finest kitchens in the world and with some of the most sought after chefs in the industry. A Prue Leith qualification is a highly sought after commodity and is the passport to a culinary career anywhere in the world. Graduates armed with a Prue Leith diploma are trained to be able to compete in a very competitive environment and are equipped with skills and experience that will take them to the top of their profession.

Training is based on the classical French method and covers all aspects of food preparation and presentation as well as a comprehensive grounding in all aspects of financial management of a restaurant.  The on-site training at the highly acclaimed Prue Leith restaurant means that students have a practical grounding under the watchful eye of experienced chefs and managers.

When graduating from the Prue Leith Chefs Academy, aspiring chefs know that they have the grounding and the experience to make it all the way to head chef at any establishment in the world.