Perfect Training Enables Graduates to Find Perfect Catering Jobs

Catering jobs, although varied, have one thing in common – preparation and provision of food to diners or guests. This may take place in an organisation’s canteen, where meals are provided for staff members and are frequently subsidised by the concern, or for events as organised by a host or event management company.

Hotels that offer full board or bed and breakfast facilities as part of their services would need to fill their catering jobs with qualified food preparation personnel; all restaurants depend on food sales for their existence, survival and profitability.

Clearly, there are numerous forms of catering, meaning that finding the perfect catering job is vital to anyone who is serious about building a career in this challenging field of food preparation within the broad hospitality industry.

Fortunately, the required skills can be taught and learned and there is no better place to prepare oneself for a catering career than at our top South African chef’s academy, situated in Centurion, conveniently located for persons living in Johannesburg, Pretoria and surrounding towns in Gauteng.

We’re proud to be the leading culinary arts training institution, as attested to by the hospitality industry and our peers and we constantly strive for new innovations and improvements to remain in this position. Our lecturers are passionate about what they do, and each teacher has extensive practical experience in the subject which they teach.

Our patron is a world renowned chef in her own right – her flagship restaurant was awarded a Michelin star before she decided to sell it and move on to new challenges in her illustrious career. She has been awarded the Veuve Clicquot Businesswoman of the Year and honoured by the Queen with an O.B.E., followed by a C.B.E – rare distinctions for a lady who started her life in Johannesburg.

The Group was started in 1996 by four inspired hoteliers who were involved in several boutique hotels. All four had a common vision and dream – creating a top culinary school were aspiring chefs could be trained to the highest professional standards, such as those previously achieved by the lady who is our committed patron today.

These four were only too aware of how difficult it could be to employ catering personnel who had the necessary abilities and skills. They also required a recognised, well-regarded name for their dream institution, approached our patron and received her permission to use her name.

She was instrumental in developing the curriculum and remains actively involved. Her exacting standards are those which we apply in all we do at our academy, which also houses an on-site fine dining restaurant, rated amongst the top 100 dining establishments in the country.

Here, our students have the opportunity to prepare and serve gourmet cuisine for paying guests in a real restaurant kitchen and environment, an invaluable practical experience. Menus change regularly and there is always something new and innovative for discerning diners to experience.

For the convenience of our guests, prevailing menus are posted on our website and updated accordingly, ever ready to whet diners’ appetites. Our easily navigated website also has a section for employers to submit, relist, view and remove their job vacancy listings, a valuable time-saving method of recruiting catering staff.

It has been noted that numerous classified advertisements in the press have stated that only our graduates need apply, an indication of how highly our training is regarded. In turn, graduates from our academy can submit their profile and post their resume on the website, free of charge, to assist them in finding suitable employment.

Some of our successful graduates have found permanent employment immediately after completion of their training, without having to occupy additional trainee positions and working their way up from there into the job

Qualifications are only obtained after successful completion of both our own exams and those set by City & Guilds, ensuring that all have an internationally accredited and recognised qualification, which enables them to find employment in their chosen field anywhere in the world.

Wherever they may be, humans must eat in order to live. However, there is much more to be said for food and its preparation than merely cooking and ingesting something edible to sustain life. When presented with an artistically plated dish, most of one’s senses are engaged – vision, smell, taste and a sense of the tactile facility, particularly when different textures feature on the plate and in the dish’s ingredients.

These are but a few of the many skills that are taught and mastered at our leading culinary school, so if you want to establish the perfect basis for your future career and ensure that you’ll find the perfect catering jobs, pay our campus a visit and see for yourself.