Professional Cookery Training To Prepare For A Career As Chef

How do you know whether you should enrol for a professional cookery course? The type of course selected will depend largely on what you want to do once you have completed the course.

In general there are many professional cookery courses that can be attended which are not at all as demanding as the Prue Leith professional cooking courses.

If, however, you want to gain a competitive edge in the culinary world where competition is to put it lightly, rather fierce, you will want the best possible qualification.

If you are serious about becoming a top patisserie chef or even a head of kitchen at a lodge, top restaurant, hotel or perhaps a hospital then the average cooking courses will not meet the standards. For such you will want to attend a Prue Leith professional cookery course.

Prue Leith is recognised world-wide as a culinary training institute of format with some of the best chefs having completed their training at Prue Leith. We offer several professional cookery courses aimed at providing students with comprehensive and sought-after culinary skills. Courses range from four months to 18 months depending on the course selection.

Our professional cookery course which entails qualifying as a chef, includes a wine qualification, financial module and every speciality module required to ensure full preparation as a world-class chef. It is not a walk in the park type of course because we are serious about our standards.

Our students are disciplined and committed to the culinary arts. In return we provide the best possible training facilities, theoretical and practical bases, as well as superior equipment, ingredients, and experienced lecturers well-known in the culinary industry.

Prue Leith is one of the most prestigious culinary training schools in South Africa and students who follow one of our professional cookery courses get extensive practical training in our onsite restaurant, which is also one of the top 100 restaurants in South Africa.

Contact us today if you want to attend one of our professional cooking courses.