Qualified Chef Career Choices

To become a head chef you will need to go through training to qualify as chef and then build experience in one or more fields of the kitchen. You may work as one of the chefs below before going onto the next level.

As such the qualified chef positions below are often seen as stepping stones to becoming a head chef, although some qualified chefs prefer to work in one of the specialities below rather than being the head chef of a culinary establishment:

  • Sous Chef – often seen as the head chef’s assistant and most important partner.
  • Chef de Partie – also called the station chef is the person in charge of a specific section.
  • Gard Manger – known in many circles as the pantry chef is responsible for working with the cold kitchen section.
  • Entremetier – is responsible for preparation of vegetables, egg dishes, soups and starch based meals.
  • Patissier – often called the pastry chef works with the desserts and pastries.
  • Poissonier – is a seafood chef.
  • Rotisseur – works with roasts, broiling of meats, gravies and braising.
  • Saucier – is responsible for sautés and sauces.
  • Cook – someone who works with one of the station chefs.

French cuisine forms the basis of fine dining and as such it is a requirement to be qualified as chef at a training facility such as Prue Leith where the classical French cooking methods are taught.

The qualified chef can find employment at hotels, cruise chips, lodges, holiday resorts, health spas, and the culinary divisions of food stores, food processing plants of well-known brands, restaurants, training facilities, catering organisations and as business owner. Contact us today for information regarding our courses to help you become a qualified chef.