Prue Leith chefs’ college

Whether you’re in London, Sydney or New York, if you mention the name Prue Leith to anyone in the catering industry, they will immediately know whom you about are talking about. That’s because her name is renowned the world over. In 1997 she graciously allowed her name to be used and the Prue Leith Chefs’ College was born. Eleven years later, catering establishments the world over clamber for Prue Leith Chefs’ College graduates when they become available twice a year. By the time a student has graduated from our college, he or she has had the finest possible culinary education that can be put into an eighteen-month course. They will have had a thorough academic course backed up with a practical experience second to none.

The diploma course at the Prue Leith Chefs’ College lasts for eighteen months and is split into three semesters. During this time students spend time in the college’s own fine dining restaurant, which is attached to the college. They also spend at least two months at a top class restaurant, lodge or hotel – this can be either in South Africa or in Europe of the Middle East. Many of these establishments offer the same students a permanent job on their graduation. ThePrue Leith Chefs’ College has a board of advisors whose job it is to keep a close eye on exactly what is required by the catering industry and ensuring that the curriculum complies as necessary. They consist of Dr Billy Gallagher, an extraordinary chef who is the Director of Operations for Southern Sun, Gwynne Conlyn, a well known local radio personality and author, Rudi Liebenberg, a member of the South African Olympic Culinary team, Headmaster Bill Schroeder and, of course, Prue Leith herself.