Qualified Chefs

There is no better catering college in the country from which to source qualified chefs than the Prue Leith Chefs’ Academy. The academy was founded as the Prue Leith College of Food and Wine in 1997 to satisfy a need in the country’s catering industry and recently changed to its present name. Prue Leith, a world-renowned name in the catering industry and one who has been decorated in the United Kingdom for her service to the industry, is the patron of the academy. Students at the college are taught using only the finest ingredients such as Iranian caviar, Italian truffles and French frogs’ legs that are sourced and imported from around the world. The quality of education offered by this catering school is second to none, and by the time they pass out as qualified chefs at the end of their eighteen-month course, these students are ready to step into the best of kitchens, which they have done at Jamie Oliver’s, The Roux brothers, Gordon Ramsay’s and others.

The qualified chefs’ course is a fine mixture of theory and practical work, mixed together in the correct proportions. The ingredients include a curriculum that covers every aspect of the industry and the kitchen, it includes time spent gathering experience in the Prue Leith Restaurant, a fine food restaurant in the college grounds, it includes two periods of two months each spent gaining further experience in some of the country’s top restaurants, hotels and game lodges, and it includes a certificate from the Cape Wine Academy, a course that they have to complete. Mixed together these ingredients produce fine qualified chefs.