Banquet Caterers

A banquet is defined as being a large public meal or feast, complete with main courses and desserts. Banquets have been used as formal occasions for thousands of years. Kings during medieval times frequently threw banquets for special events, such as birthdays or holidays. Today it is more common to find sports associations throw banquets as an attempt to enhance team chemistry, or also just to relax the players and coaches. Sometimes banquets are given just to give awards at the end of the season. Whatever the event it is certain to have to call upon banquet caterers to provide and serve the many different courses that there may be during the event. Banquet caterers are caterers such as ourselves who have the capability of producing involved menus for large numbers of people.

Banquet caterers are a special breed – it takes a great deal of organization to be able to produce a menu for so many people at precisely the correct time – and at a banquet time is of the essence. Prue Leith banquet caterers are located in Centurion, where they operate out of a 200m² high-tech industrial kitchen. Being so centrally located they are able to deliver prepared food to events over the length and breadth of Gauteng. Prue Leith Caterers can even go so far as to organize your entire event if necessary – that means organizing the marquee, chairs, tables, crockery and cutlery, food, waiters, decorations, drinks and even someone to take care of the parking and watch over small children. If you’d like to talk to them about an event or function in the future, call one of the consultants at 082 319 1093.

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