Questions to ask Caterers Regarding Menu Options

Deciding between different caterers can be a daunting experience. Writing down some of the practical concerns surrounding menu options can ensure that there are not any misunderstandings between caterers and their clients. Seasoned caterers will think of small details clients may oversee and point them out to their clients. The following issues may shed some light when having to choose between different caterers.



  • Does the caterer serve a buffet or plated meals? What is the difference in price per person?
  • Does the caterer have a specific type of food he or she specializes in?
  • Is the menu set or can it be modified according to the client’s needs?
  • Would it be possible to taste some of the food on offer by the caterer?
  • Will the caterer be able to cater for guests with special dietary needs like vegetarians, kosher or allergies?
  • Would the caterer be able to prepare a special family recipe that may not be on the menu?
  • Do children pay full price or is there a children’s menu available?
  • Will the caterer supply the photographer and musicians with food? Will that be paid for by the client or caterer?
  • How much food will be supplied per guest? A buffet should offer a choice of at least 2 entrees. Hors d’oeuvres should be around 12 per person. Seasoned caterers will know to provide more of the food that seems to be a favorite with the guests.
  • Would it be possible to visit an event hosted by the caterer to view the style in which the food a re presented and served?
  • Can the caterer supply referrals? Be sure to follow up on at least 2 of these.