Questions to ask a Chef’s School

Attending chef’s school does not come for free and students often have to make use of loans to cover costs. Investing in a chef’s school that is worth its salt will insure that the training is of high quality. Graduates from acclaimed chef’s schools have the added bonus that employment is easier to find.

Choosing between different chef’s schools can be a challenge as one tends to be overwhelmed with beautiful pictures on professional looking brochures. Applying the following questions to prospective chef’s school may ease the process along.

  • Is the chef’s school well-known?
  • Is the chef’s school accredited by Government?
  • Is the training merely theoretical or are the students getting a lot of practical, hands-on experience?
  • Does the institute offer internships?
  • Does the chef’s school have well-known lecturers?
  • Is the student: lecturer ratio less than 10:1?
  • Does the curriculum include sound financial and business training?
  • Does the curriculum cover the whole spectrum of cold kitchen, hot kitchen and pastry kitchen?
  • Is the pastry kitchen curriculum of master class level?
  • Is the training limited to the kitchen or can I get practical experience in running a restaurant and a catering business?
  • Does the curriculum include training and how to combine it with food?
  • Do students at the Chef’s school have 24/7 access to a library with the latest cook books, DVD’s and on-line services?
  • Is there lodging available close to the chef’s school or is transport likely to be an issue?
  • Can the chef’s school advise me on getting a loan?