School for Culinary Education – a School of Culinary Excellence

School for Culinary Education – a School of Culinary Excellence

Those with a keen interest in and a passion for food-related matters, its preparation, and inventive, attractive ways in which to serve superb dishes, are undoubtedly familiar with Prue Leith CBE. Prue herself is a culinary expert, erudite judge of professional chefs’ challenges and competitions presented on TV, and a professional, Michelin-starred chef in her own right, amongst her other accolades and achievements. On top of her string of accomplishments, Prue has also graced our leading South African school for culinary education with the use of her name – Prue Leith Chefs Academy, or lately simply Prue Leith, located in Centurion, Gauteng.

In fact, our culinary school was the first outside establishment to be granted permission to use her name, of which we are understandably extremely proud. Our association remains close; we regularly consult Prue with major decisions, changes, and improvement to our school for top culinary education prior to implementing them. What some who are not initiates of the wonderful world of culinary arts may not know is that we offer a host of short courses at Prue Leith, in addition to the lengthier occupational diploma programmes – five full-time, two part-time, and three advanced courses – that are designed to educate and train professional chefs.

Extensive Range of Short Courses

At the time of writing, we are also offering 20 professionally presented educational short courses, principally for novices and home cooks who wish to improve their knowledge of food preparation and skills in the amateur home kitchen. If you love spoiling your family and friends with fabulous food, prepared to perfections, you will love Prue Leith’s short courses. They include:

  • Kitchens of the World.
  • WSET Level 1 Wine Course.
  • Valentine’s Couples Cooking.
  • Summer Salads.
  • KIDchen: Pasta and Dumplings – children aged 8-12 years. Older children may enrol for general classes.
  • KIDchen: Baking – as above. It is never too early to develop children’s love of the kitchen.
  • Festive Baking & Decorating: Easter.
  • Festive Baking & Decorating: Christmas.
  • Taming Fire: Mastering the Art of Braaiing – a favourite amongst virtually all South Africans.
  • Foundation of Cooking.
  • Passionate about Poultry.
  • Advanced Cakes & Decorations – ideal for advanced home bakers and chefs who want to enhance or refresh their baking skills.
  • Fabulous Fish.
  • Basic Baking.
  • Chocolate & Sugar Confections.
  • Secrets of Seafood.
  • Menu Planning, Plating, & Trends.
  • Versatile Vegetables.
  • Certificate in Sugar Craft.
  • Mastering Meat.

Short course duration varies between evening sessions of a few hours each, half a day, one, three, or five days, and 11 or 12 sessions over the span of 11 or 12 consecutive weeks – time that equips you with a sound culinary education. More than mere basics are on offer for anyone who is enthusiastic about creative cooking, beautiful baking, and producing masterpieces with the assistance of our experienced lecturers and trainers.

When undertaking our Prue Leith short courses, you will be working in the same professional kitchens as our full-time students, who will graduate to become sought-after, professional chefs. Similar high standards apply, although there is time for creative fun too during the short programmes run by Prue Leith’s leading school for culinary education.