Sharpen Your Chef Skills in 2022

The Best Culinary Institute to Sharpen Your Chef Skills in 2022

Those who have the gift and love of cooking and the determination to climb to the top in the world of cuisine should study at a school where the instructors and mentors are equally driven to refine their chef skills.

At Prue Leith Culinary Institute, students learn under the tutelage of various passionate industry experts, as well as gain experience in working at in-service restaurants. Anyone seeking a head start in their culinary careers and who wishes to master basic to advanced cooking techniques should consider applying for one of the full-time courses offered.

Refine Chef Skills with Full-Time Courses

At a celebrated culinary institute, such as Prue Leith, students have the chance to study an array of kitchen techniques and cultures surrounding fine dining, from French cuisine to Ethiopian gastronomy. They also engage in ample practical training sessions and gain real work experience in either the renowned Prue Leith Restaurant at the Centurion campus or one of the many partner establishments across South Africa.

Applicants can choose from five full-time courses, including one that offers them the opportunity to travel abroad and study Italian cuisine at the elite chefs’ training institute, ALMA – La Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana in Italy.

Furthermore, Prue Leith Culinary Institute offers three part-time study options for experienced cooks who want to acquire certification to enhance their careers. These are specifically aimed at those who already have experience working in commercial kitchens and who aim to add qualifications to their curriculum vitae, and include:

For full-time courses, applicants are expected to have at least a matric certificate or an equivalent NQF level 4 qualification, and an average of 60% is favourable. Specific school subjects or previous culinary training and advanced chef skills are not required for approval.

2022 Application Process

Anyone wanting to join a programme at the Prue Leith Culinary Institute can easily start the application process by selecting the relevant course online and requesting a form at the bottom of the course’s page. Thereafter, applicants will be asked to do an interview, which will be confirmed after the payment of a small initiation fee. The meeting can be done via Zoom or in-person at the campus.

If the application is successful, students receive an acceptance letter along with a contract and payment agreement with a deposit to be paid for reserving their spot.

Prue Leith Culinary Institute is open to all national or international candidates who want to gain new chef skills. International students will need to apply for their study Visa after acceptance into a course, with a support letter from the institute.

View the Campus – Upcoming Open Days

To accommodate local and foreign candidates, Prue Leith Culinary Institute offers online and on-site open days and evenings. During these events, persons can ask any questions they may have about the courses and training available, as well as get a complete tour of all the facilities on offer. It’s an excellent way to explore what is on offer at the institute before applying.

Find out about dates for open days by viewing them online or by sending an enquiry via e-mail about the possibilities for bettering your chef skills in 2022.