Study At The Top School Of Culinary Art In Gauteng

If one should ask what makes Prue Leith such an outstanding school of culinary art, the answers will vary. Apart from our large team of professional lecturers who are just as dedicated to the culinary arts as their care for their students, we also offer the best courses, superior facilities, and adhere to the highest education standards possible.

Getting into Prue Leith School of Culinary Art is already an achievement. Completing the courses with honours is a goal that every student here pursues. Excellence is synonymous with Prue Leith as the leading school of culinary art in Gauteng.

We follow top cuisine modules including a Pan African cuisine module which is based on the award winning book titled “The Banqueting House” by Anna Trapido. It is seen as one of the most important modules for the development of the South African culinary industry.

We furthermore follow a dedicated Spice Route module to ensure that the students who study at the Prue Leith School of Culinary Art understand the origin of the various ingredients they use in the preparation of cuisine. We import some of the most sought after ingredients from Iran, Belgium, and France ensuring that the ingredients used in food preparation of specific regions come from the related areas.

No culinary course would be complete without also addressing the finances and management associated with the career. As such we offer a comprehensive Finances module to prepare students for the management of businesses and culinary establishments.

This focus on a comprehensive culinary education has made it possible for students who graduate from the Prue Leith School of Culinary Art to land top paying positions at sought after establishments.

Armed with a Prue Leith School of Culinary Art qualification, graduates immediately have a competitive edge in the job market. Contact us for more information about our courses and to apply today.