The Qualified Chef Career Choices Are Excellent

The qualified chef career path is one of exciting choices. Apart from positions at top restaurants and lodges, the qualified chef can also pursue a career in the catering industry, work in hospital culinary divisions, at training institutes, on cruise ships, at holiday resorts, and even open up a restaurant.  A qualified chef career can include being a food critique or becoming a show host about cooking.

The career path of the qualified chef can include working in various divisions of the kitchen before becoming the Chef de cuisine which is the executive chef. Once the position is reached the person is in charge of the whole kitchen and it is pretty much a requirement before one becomes a celebrity or author.

The Sous chef is the right hand of the Chef de cuisine and also has a supervisory role over the kitchen. It is just one step below the executive chef and goes along with a lot of prestige. The Saucier is the chef that works with the various sauces and marinades and is responsible for adding flavour to the food.

The Rotisseur is the chef in charge of meats and the one person who has the skills to create mouth watering meat based dishes while the Poissonier is the king of fish and seafood.

The Entremetier is the chef that is in charge of vegetables, salads, egg based dishes and soups while the Patissier is the one that ensures sweet dishes such as pastries and desserts. The cook works under a station chef and is pretty much in the first step of a qualified chef career.

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