The World of Career Oriented Culinary Arts

The culinary arts, as taught and practised by Prue Leith Chefs Academy, are indeed an art form, proudly displayed and enjoyed by the graduates of our top South African culinary school in Centurion, and wherever they present their delectable artistic creations to discerning diners.

Appealing to Senses and Sight

Fine dining engages various senses – the nose, the taste buds, the palate, and the eyes. People eat first with their eyes; an attractively plated meal is far more appealing than a plate of food upon which the meal has been haphazardly placed. Appreciation and enjoyment begin with what the diner sees. The arrangement, colours, composition, and shapes are the inspired, innovative, and creative components of works of art.


Nonetheless, at Prue Leith’s prestigious academy, one of the top culinary schools in the country, there is more to the culinary arts, because this art form involves science too. What are the distinctive characteristics of each ingredient? Why are they used and when is their use indicated? How do different ingredients combine? Which ingredients complement one another? What effect does wet or dry heat, cold, room temperature, and time have on foodstuffs? What texture is best for each and which techniques enable the chef to create an excellent dish? How does a chef obtain – and preserve – the required colour of foods? These important scientific principles can only be explained by having an understanding and knowledge of this aspect of the culinary arts. Prue Leith’s five full-time, professional chef courses are designed to teach and train newcomers to the kitchen in the scientific, technical, and artistic aspects of professional culinary arts, from start to recognised and accredited completion.

A Sustainable Business

In addition to science and art, there is a third leg of operating a successful, sustainable, professional kitchen and centre of excellence – the business side of culinary arts. This includes management, cost control, theory of staff resource management, menu planning and recipe costing, and supervision of food production.

National and International Accreditation

We are registered with the National Department of Higher Education & Training, are members of the South African Chefs Association, and have international QCTO and City & Guilds accreditation. The world of culinary arts is competitive and challenging and without recognised, widely accepted and sought-after qualifications from reputable culinary schools associated with officially authorised accrediting bodies, the future and career prospects of a chef are severely limited. In today’s culinary world, the institute at which one studied and qualified is important. It can open doors for you throughout your career as a professional chef – or curtail the range and scope of your professional career opportunities.

Bring your Culinary Ambition to Prue Leith

At the Prue Leith Chefs Academy, we have two annual intakes for our courses: January and July. Enrolment is now open for our courses that commence in July and are not yet already fully subscribed. It is advisable to confirm your spot as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Bring us your culinary passion and ambition and we will equip you with everything else you need – the practical and theoretical aspects of culinary art, science, and business, an enduring passport to success.