Twelve-Week Cooking Course

Trendsetting, Innovative, Twelve-Week Prue Leith Cooking Course

Because Prue Leith Chefs Academy has built a proud reputation as the leading school of culinary arts in South Africa, and our full-time professional chefs’ course graduates are in such high demand in this country, you may be under the impression that this is all we do, and be unaware of the extent to which we set benchmarks at our academy.

We not only keep up with the times (and the needs of South Africans who are passionate about food), but we are forerunners is responding to needs or gaps within this country’s culinary community. This is precisely why Prue Leith Chefs Academy has evaluated and assessed the shortcomings in current culinary training and education and, in response, we have designed and implemented a series of short cooking courses to address the shortcomings and satisfy essential requirements in home cooks’ kitchen repertoires. Our short courses offer great value to novice home cooks at odds with food preparation and cooking, as well as those who wish to improve upon their existing culinary competence, talents, and skills.

Our twelve-week Prue Leith Meet Your Kitchen cooking course is one of our most comprehensive programmes on offer to home cooks with varying degrees of competence, including those with none at all. By far, the majority of amateur cooks have not had the benefit of professional culinary training, which always starts with the bare basics, before progressing to more complex tasks and dishes. This is the group that will reap extensive benefits from an inclusive programme that covers the preparation and cooking of a wide-ranging number of food types – the twelve-week Prue Leith Meet Your Kitchen cooking short course. Each session, held once a week, is three and a half hours in duration, spanning twelve consecutive Tuesday evenings from 18:00 to 21:30, excluding public holidays.

What Prue Leith Academy Requires of You:

 Your passion for food, desire for improvement, and enthusiasm to learn from experienced, qualified culinary professionals – restaurant chefs and Prue Leith instructors.

  • At least 80% attendance (but full attendance of all twelve weekly classes is ideal).
  • Timely booking of classes.
  • Conformity with dress codes applicable to professional kitchens – hair tied back, comfortable footwear, and minimal jewellery and make-up.

What You Will Receive and Gain:

 The knowledge, skills, and finer points of preparing and cooking a variety of dishes, meals, and courses, as presented and taught by professional Prue Leith chefs and lecturers in our professional training kitchens and lecture rooms, plus the confidence to do so successfully.

  • Your own proudly earned Prue Leith Certificate of Foundational Cooking.
  • A Prue Leith apron.
  • All ingredients.
  • Course notes and recipes.
  • Chefs’ hats.
  • Refreshments.
  • Proficiency, experience, abilities, knowledge, and expertise that will remain with you forever.

An Investment in and Gift to Yourself

 Improved knowledge and enhanced skills are “forever” investments that continue to pay dividends – to you and all who benefit from your additional abilities. Can you afford to sacrifice twelve of your Tuesday evenings? The question is whether you can afford not to do so. Enrol now for the Prue Leith twelve-week foundational cooking course.