What Food With Which Wine? Culinary Wine Studies Will Provide The Answers

In the hospitality and restaurant business it is crucial that you know your way around a wine cellar. Prue Leith Chefs Academy offers culinary wine studies as part of our diploma courses which will help you get to know your Chenin Blanc from your Chardonnay.  This Cape Wine Ambassadors course is offered by the well known Clive Torr and is designed to teach students how to select wine intelligently, suggest it diplomatically, price it correctly, serve it beautifully and store it prudently.

The culinary wine studies form a critical part of the Grande Diploma Studies in Food and Wine. This diploma course is a fulltime course that is 18 months long and is divided into 3 semesters. It covers all aspects of food preparation, presentation and management and is designed to prepare the student for a career as a professional chef. The course offers classic French training in hot, cold and pastry kitchens and specialist subjects which include Pan African cuisine, spice route studies, finance and kitchen management. As a crucial component of the diploma, the Cape Wine Ambassadors course will teach students about wine varietals, the growing and production of wine as well as cooking with wine and pairing the right wine with the right food.

Prue Leith Chefs academy has regularly been rated as one of the finest in South Africa and this partly due to the fact that students are so thoroughly and professionally trained in so many aspects of the culinary arts. This cooking institution employs well known lecturers who are experts in their particular fields and have years of experience. The academy also has a fully equipped demonstration kitchen and the highly rated on-site restaurant is the perfect platform for practical experience for students.

If you are interested in learning more about culinary arts then contact the Prue Leith Chefs Academy. We offer 3 different part time and full time courses, with the culinary wine studies forming a part of our full time Grande Diploma Studies in Food and Wine.