When is a Culinary School really a Top School?

A quick internet search for a culinary school will reveal that there are quite a number of institutions that offer training in culinary arts within South Africa and internationally. Rather understandably, virtually all will claim to be one of the leaders, if not the ultimate one. However, there are a few pointers to consider when looking for a suitable culinary school. Firstly, be clear about what you want from the training and what you want to do thereafter. Should your future career lie in the culinary arts, for which you need an internationally accredited qualification, your next step should be to contact our top culinary school in Gauteng.

If you’d like to hone your skills as a host or are someone who entertains frequently, you probably don’t want or need to qualify as a chef or as a professional in one of the culinary disciplines. Cooking training may be an extension of your general interest in food preparation or a new hobby. In the latter cases, you don’t require the extensive training, concluding with examinations, which we offer.

There truly are a number of reasons why we are the top culinary school in Gauteng and it’s not just because we say so. Our reputation in the hospitality and catering industries is gratifyingly great – that’s what those folk say and think of us and our graduates. In fact, many a classified or internet advertisement seeking candidates to fill chefs vacancies specify that they will only consider graduates from our academy – high praise indeed. In truth, our students are so well and comprehensively trained that they know and have practised what to expect in the real working world of culinary arts, so they don’t find themselves out of their depth when they commence their first job.

Lecturers at our school are all experienced professionals in their fields; all have a passion for food, extensive knowledge and a desire to pass on their knowledge to those who want to learn. Learners receive comprehensive and intensive practical and theoretical schooling. In order to prepare delicious dishes and create your own new taste sensations, a theoretical knowledge of ingredients, flavours, combinations and trends is vital. Innovation and creativity is virtually impossible without it.

An understanding of ingredients’ origins, how it occurred that they became widely known and used and a respect for raw ingredients is taught in one of our course modules. A dedicate Pan-African module, vital to the development of Southern African food, is likewise included. On the practical side, we have a fine dining restaurant which is ranked amongst the top in South Africa. Our learners are involved every step of the way in preparing the sumptuous innovative creations served there to the delight of discerning diners.

Additional practical training is done by students at other restaurant sites, which are ranked amongst the top 25 in South Africa. Most of our students are so well received and regarded by these venues that they are offered employment after completion of their course and graduation.

Prue Leith’s learners are required to write our own exams and those of City & Guilds, since our culinary school is C&G accredited. This holds a huge advantage for graduates and because of our academy’s reputation and this accreditation, our graduates can work anywhere in the world. Very few, if any, ever struggle to find employment and they’re employable immediately after qualification because they have been so well-trained in every possible aspect, right down to always wearing the correct uniform, courtesy and competence.

Our on-campus facilities are excellent and freely available for students’ use. This includes a library with internet access, relevant books and magazines and DVDs for additional information and research.

These are just a few of the reasons why we confidently claim that we have the top culinary school in Gauteng and our graduates tend to agree with us. So if you want to take your first step into the world of a chef, simply contact the Prue Leith Chef Academy.