Easy Recruitment of Qualified Chefs for Catering Jobs

In order to give back to the hospitality and catering industry and make it easy for an organisation which need to fill catering jobs vacancies, our chefs training academy’s website offers a service to prospective employers whereby they are invited to list their vacancy on our site. Catering job seekers can submit their profile, post their CV and be found by prospective employers when they require catering professionals. It is emphasised that this service for job seekers is strictly for the use of graduates of our training academy only and graduates are required to submit their student number for their free account.

Anyone who has sought to recruit staff by placing an advertisement in the general media will be aware that they are likely to receive hundreds, if not thousands of resumes. Evaluating CVs and screening candidates who apply in numbers takes huge amounts of time, time which few people have. Even in situations where the organisation has a dedicated HR department to deal with recruitment, it has become an enormously time consuming exercise. This is partly due to the high unemployment figures currently existing in the country. There are also vast numbers of applications from persons who previously did not have access to all parts of the job market.

Unfortunately, there are also the “chancers”, who lack the skills and experience required but fraudulently pretend to have them. Finding a suitable qualified chef may not be easy and may require spending a considerable amount of time to personally perform reference checks and verify qualifications.

Listing your vacancy on our website, however, will put you in touch with our graduates only; there is no need to wade your way through umpteen resumes and our graduates are always in high demand. It’s really as easy and quick as that. Categories listed on our chef recruitment pages are Executive Chef, Sous Chef/Pastry, Chef de Partie and Commis Chef.

How the Prue Leith Academy Came Into Being

The four founders of the Prue Leith group previously owned, operated or were senior employees of boutique hotels. They all recognised the value and importance of providing top cuisine, for which they needed to employ top chefs. This meant that they sometimes needed to bring such a chef out from abroad if they were unable to find the right person locally. Logistically, it was impossible to really evaluate the chef properly until he/she arrived in South Africa, by which time it was too late or very costly to turn back.

Because they shared a passion for good food and fine dining, and had experienced chef staffing problems, they decided to establish a training academy, which was to train chefs to their exacting standards, and this they did. They also sought a name which would be internationally recognised and valued.

That was when, for the first time ever in her illustrious career, our patron allowed her name to be used. She lent her considerable expertise in developing the course curriculum and content, since her experience of running her own cooking school was invaluable to us.

We contact our patron regularly for her opinion and input, especially when major decisions are to be taken and she visits our training academy which carries her name, ensuring that the highest international standards are maintained. This applies to the food, the service, and the curriculum.

Since 1996, we have been training chefs to the best professional standards, a welcome addition to the country’s catering and hospitality industry. Our graduates have passed our own and the City & Guilds examinations and can confidently be engaged by employers who have catering job vacancies and need to find a qualified chef.

Thus, if it is a highly qualified and experienced chef you are looking for, be sure to have a look at what we have to offer on our recruitment page.