Where do you find the best Catering?

Where do you go to in Gauteng to find the best catering ? You can’t do better than to go to a restaurant that is part of a catering college, and that is Prue Leith’s. Prue Leith’s has been awarded its Blaizon from the Chaine Des Rotisseurs and has been ranked in the top twenty restaurants in the country and the top ten in Gauteng by Business Day. The restaurant is fully licensed, and carries a full range of liquor, wines, beers and liqueurs. Many of the staff you’ll see working at Prue Leith’s are actually students from the college, in fact they do all of the cooking and serving at the restaurant. The Prue Leith Catering Academy is the best catering college in Gauteng, and a Prue Leith Catering Diploma is recognised all over the world as being a superb qualification.

From early on in their eighteen month catering course students become intimately involved in Prue Leith’s, and are ultimately responsible for laying tables, front of house, they take orders and prepare, cook and serve meals under the supervision of the restaurant manager. In the final semester of their diploma, students take on the more serious jobs of Maître d’Hotel, wine stewards and barmen. There’s little doubt that you’ll find the best catering at Prue Leith’s. The restaurant is not advertised as a training restaurant, and has to compete in all respects with the other top restaurants in Gauteng. Its Blaizon and its ranking just confirm its position as one of the best catering restaurants in the country.