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First Step in Climbing the Catering Job Ladder

You’re familiar with the term “glass ceiling”, right? Well this is one ceiling you don’t want looming above your head when embarking on your catering career. If you accept the wrong job or don’t have an appropriate, accredited and recognised qualification, the glass ceiling is probably always likely to be present.

On the Horns of a Dilemma

You can see through it, observe or visualise what lies above and beyond it, but in some positions or organisations, you’re unable to break this barrier, get through and rise above it. This is a dilemma if you aspire to new heights, endless possibilities and challenging opportunities, so essential for career and personal growth.

In essence, you’re in a dead-end job, ultimately limited and definitely frustrated if you’re an enthusiastic and ambitious chef. You are where you are, and there you’ll stay unless you up stakes and seek a better opportunity. However, a prospective employer may think that you lack foresight or ambition if you spend too long in a menial, mundane role. On the other hand, you don’t believe in job hopping, neither do employers.

A Process

Obviously, one cannot start at the top in the catering industry; you need to gain lots of additional experience, enhance skills, work your way up the ladder and be promoted – providing that your qualification is sound, you’re determined to succeed and your job allows for growth. Advancement in the culinary field is a process, not achieved overnight.

Successful Catering Careers Start with Training

From the moment you select your training facility, you’re setting the foundation of your future catering jobs; it’s wise to remember this. There’s no point in wasting valuable time and money on schooling which fails to meet the high standards demanded of modern chefs in today’s catering community.

It follows that you should enrol at a culinary school which is highly regarded for its standards, curricula, discipline, innovation, ethics and a healthy mix of theoretical, practical and business training.

The latter subject is all too often overlooked, but is vital to managing a successful dining establishment or kitchen, which is a business, at the end of the day. When you accept a catering job, you’re entering a business operation, and you may well want to own your own dining establishment in the future.

Get the Best Jobs – Train with Leaders

Regarded by peers and the hospitality industry as the leading culinary school in South Africa, Prue Leith Chefs Academy offers numerous courses, both full- and part-time. The institute and its curricula are endorsed by Prue Leith CBE, and its examinations are City & Guilds accredited, allowing graduates to obtain jobs locally and overseas, wherever attractive opportunities present themselves.

Check Credentials, Get Jobs or Access Candidates

As a service to our Prue Leith graduates, prospective employers and the catering industry in general, Prue Leith Academy’s website has a handy link, which enables job candidates (our graduates only) and employers to find one another – simply and easily. (Some employers only entertain job applications from our graduates).

Catering job seekers (Prue Leith graduates) can post their CVs at no charge. Employers list their vacancies, inviting our graduates to apply. Similarly, employers can verify the credentials of a prospective employee, claiming to be a prestigious Prue Leith graduate.

Take that crucial first step – enrol now at Prue Leith.