Prue Leith Chef School

Sought-after Chefs Train at Prue Leith

In South Africa, all children of a certain age are supposed to be enrolled in and attend school, where they are expected to stay until they reach at least their 16th year, but preferably until they matriculate (pass Grade 12). A few generations ago, a matric certificate was all you needed to get a good job, build a career and earn a decent income. Now however, it has become essential for ambitious young people to undertake more specialised tertiary education after completing their basic schooling.

Competition and Specialisation

Competition for jobs is stiff and unemployment is at an all-time high. Moreover, many jobs or career fields have become highly specialised occupations rather than somewhat generic, as before. The days of the generalist are over. This specialisation applies to employment opportunities in the catering and hospitality industry too. Without a bona fide qualification from a reputable chef school, one’s opportunities are limited, if available at all.

Progress and promotion would certainly be negatively affected amongst the lower ranks in a professional kitchen, while an aspirant chef would probably not be employable without a formal qualification.

Secure your Career Prospects and Future

One’s future prospects depend on having at least one recognised, post-matric qualification. If food and cooking are your passions and becoming a chef is your dream career, you should enrol at a specialised chef school, one that is respected and endorsed by peers in the hospitality industry – an outstanding school such as Prue Leith Chefs Academy.

Recommended as South Africa’s Finest Chefs Training School

  • Our patron, Prue Leith CBE, is a Michelin-starred chef in her own right, an entrepreneur, author, television personality, guest cooking competition judge and a household name in English-speaking countries. She visits us annually and we consult her regarding major decisions.
  • Prue Leith graduates are ready, qualified and sufficiently experienced to take up employment with confidence, immediately after graduation. They are sought-after by our peers when needed to fill vacancies.
  • Although qualifications are City & Guilds-approved, our curricula and training exceed their already-high standards.
  • Our training establishment is the only one of its kind in South Africa with its own fine dining restaurant, where our students train, rendering actual service to paying customers. Furthermore, the restaurant is ranked among the top 100 in South Africa.
  • A ratio of fewer than 20 students to each lecturer.
  • Lecturers are specialists in their own fields, so that learners receive the best, in-depth tuition in each subject and speciality.
  • We offer a wide range of courses, both full- and part-time.
  • Hot and cold kitchens are fully equipped.
  • No cost or effort is spared in procuring the finest ingredients with which our students are taught to cook and create.
  • An all-important finance module is included in the curriculum, providing essential knowledge and financial management skills for a modern chef who expects to run a successful food business.
  • Our courses are based on classical French methods, whilst being improved upon where necessary and adjusted in order to stay abreast of international trends, also encouraging innovation and creativity amongst learners.

You will not find a better chef school anywhere in South Africa, as our peers and graduates will attest.