• 24 April, 2020

Floral bread art cheers up lockdown baking

Bread art from @vineyardbaker – inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s sunflowers.

Bread has always been appreciated by artists, especially those who enjoy sculpture, turning the soft dough into three-dimensional sustenance.  The latest food-art trend, however, seems to be for bread to simply serve as a canvass for edible vegetable art.

Whilst a state of lockdown has kept half the world in their homes this month, many seem to have taken up baking. Especially banana bread in the first weeks, but lately social media has been flooded with flower bread art.

The simple, but beautiful and delicious concept is that bread dough, focaccia style flat breads, to be more precise, are decorated with vegetables and edible flowers to create the most beautiful edible flower gardens or arrangements.  

In a time of uncertainty, the world certainly needs cheering up, and why not with a splash or art on our daily bread?

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